3 Keys To Leading Worship With Confidence

3 Keys To Leading Worship Confidently

What do you do when you aren't confident in your leading? You rush through the songs and just try to get them over with. You don't take time to speak because you're afraid of how it's going to come across. And at the end of it all, you feel like things could have gone better if you would have just been a bit more trusting.

So, how do you get to a place where you can lead worship confidently?

Here are 3 keys to leading worship confidently:

1 | Know your music

It really starts with the practical side of things. While leading musical worship is a spiritual act - it also involves practical things. You have to know what notes to sing. You have to know what chords to play. You have to know the lyrics... you get the point.

If you aren't confident in the practical side of things, you won't be confident in the spiritual side of things (the part where you're actually leading worship). What happens is that you spend all of your time focusing on what chords to play and what words to sing. When that's all you focus on, you don't have the mental space to allocate to figure out how to lead the people of your church.

So, get to know the practical side of things - let it become second nature so you can focus on the spiritual side of things while leading worship.

2 | Know how all the pieces fit together

Beyond just knowing how to play your music, you should also know how everything in your worship gathering fits together. How many songs are you leading? What songs are they? When are other people going to be coming up to talk? How are you going to transition from one song to the next?

Knowing these things in advance helps free up your mind to think about the spiritual side of leading worship.

3 | Know who you are

The ultimate confidence booster is to remember who you are. Remember your calling. You aren't a rock star. While you should be doing things with excellence, the ultimate goal of you leading worship isn't for you to sound the best you can possibly sound - it's to lead your church.

There is grace and forgiveness when things go wrong. And you aren't leading in your own power, you're trusting the Holy Spirit to work while you lead.

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