3 Quick Wins For Worship Leaders

3 Quick Wins For Worship Leaders

As worship leaders, we all have things that we're aiming for. Things that haven't quite happened yet. "Wins" that we have yet to achieve. And those goals are great to set and work towards. But, there are often two warnings that come along with those goals.

First, those goals usually involve something that you can't directly make happen. You can't MAKE your congregation engage on a deeper level. You can ask more people to join your team but that doesn't automatically equal your team growing.

Second, long-term goals take time to achieve. In the interim, it's easy to get discouraged. You put in 2 years of work into a win that you know is going to take you 5 years and you realize that you're not even halfway through.

How do you stay encouraged in the interim? Achieve quick wins along the way that involve things that YOU can actually control.

Here are 3 quick wins for worship leaders:

1 | Run through your set list

Preparation is a tangible win that you can measure whether you have achieved or not. Are you just winging it when you lead on Sunday? OR Have you run through your songs? Do you know the chords? Do you know the lyrics? If you do... you've won! Celebrate!

2 | Practice Your Transitions

The next step in preparation (which is a win YOU can control - you've either prepared or you haven't) is practicing your transitions. There are two types of transitions: musical and speaking. Have you fleshed out not just how to play each individual song but also how you're going to transition between them musically? Have you lined up keys in a way that makes sense? Have you prayed about where God wants to lead your church during your time of worship? Have you identified those one or two truths you need to highlight and figured out the best way to articulate them? If you have... then you've won! Celebrate!

3 | Open Your Eyes

How about a quick win in the moment while leading worship? You can't MAKE people worship while you're leading them. What you can control is being aware in the moment and providing opportunities for people to respond by opening your eyes which allows you to gauge the room and respond accordingly.

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