3 Signs You're Close To Worship Leading Burnout

3 Signs You're Close To Worship Leading Burnout

The thing about burnout is it's really hard to recognize it when you're in the midst of it. Burnout doesn't just suddenly happen. It happens over the course of weeks, months, or even years. Slowly but surely the wick of your ministry candle burns shorter and shorter until, eventually, there's nothing left to burn at all.

So, how can you combat burnout? Surrounding yourself with a great team, establishing a regular rhythm of rest, and learning how to say "no" are all great places to start. But, the first step is recognizing that you're burning out in the first place!

Here are 3 signs you're close to worship leading burnout:

1️⃣ You settle for the status-quo

You start by buying into the philosophy that says "that's how we've always done it - why change?" When you start to burnout, you lose your desire to improve. You start using phrases like - "I'm too busy and tired to make it better. It's good enough." "I've tried for 5 years and they haven't gotten it yet. It's never going to happen." "Where we're at is fine. I'll just keep doing what I'm doing."

Have you felt yourself settling for the status-quo recently? Maybe you're always picking the same few songs to lead because... after all, people are singing them. Maybe you're team hasn't improved in the past year and you're satisfied because they're doing "good enough."

2️⃣ You aren't as creative as you used to be

Burnout also lessens your creativity. Creativity is like a bucket of water - if you keep pouring out water and pouring out water, creating and creating eventually the well is going to run dry. Then, what happens? You settle for the status-quo. You have no ideas so you settle for "good enough."

3️⃣ Worship leading feels routine

Burnout feels like you're on a never-ending Merry-Go-Round. You keep riding that same horse, going up and down, around and around seeing the same thing over and over again. Sunday comes - you lead worship. Monday comes - you plan worship for the next Sunday. Thursday comes - you head to worship rehearsal. Sunday comes - you lead worship. On and on and on. Because your creativity has run out and you've settled for the status-quo, your routine feels monotonous.

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