3 Spots During Your Worship Set To Use A Speaking Transition

3 Spots During Your Worship Set To Use A Speaking Transition

Over on the Leading Worship Well YouTube channel, we've started looking at how to speak while you're leading worship. That series continues tomorrow with a new video called "What To Say Between Worship Songs | 4 Steps To Start Speaking Between Worship Songs."

So, maybe you're starting to get an understanding of WHAT you should be saying while leading worship. But, there's another question to answer - WHERE should you be speaking?

In reality, you can really put a speaking transition wherever you want. But, there are some common places where speaking transitions work best.

Here are 3 spots during your worship set to consider using a speaking transition:

1 | The beginning of your service

If you are the one starting your service, this is pretty much a non-negotiable. This is a natural and necessary spot for a speaking transition. You NEED to be saying something to people as you welcome them into your service.

If you're wondering what to say, head over the Leading Worship Well YouTube channel and check out last week's video - "What To Say Before Leading Worship - The 4-Step Formula For Welcoming People Into Worship."

2 | At the beginning of a song

Another spot is at the beginning of the song. Once again, this is a natural spot to speak. One song has just ended and there will already be a MUSICAL transition happening - you can easily pair that with a SPEAKING transition. Use this time to introduce the truth you're going to be singing about or encourage people to do something specific as they sing the song.

3 | Between the chorus and the bridge

This is one of my favorite spots for a speaking transition. It's right in the middle of the song so it feels so integrated and well thought out (assuming you've planned in advance). In most modern worship songs, the bridge is the "response section." You've been singing about a truth through the entire song and now it's time to really hammer it in! Lead people through the thought process before they repeat that truth over and over again.

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