3 Things That Happen When You Misunderstand Your Role As Worship Leader

3 Things That Happen When You Misunderstand Your Role As Worship Leader

Do you understand what your responsibilities are as a worship leader? What should you be doing? What's your job?

I'm going to answer those questions tomorrow on the Leading Worship Well YouTube channel. "What Is A Worship Leader | The Top 3 Responsibilities Of A Worship Leader" premieres tomorrow at 3:30pm EST. But for now, it's so important that you understand what happens when you don't know what your role as worship leader actually is.

Here are 3 things that happen when you misunderstand your role as worship leader:

1 | You waste your time

Think about it: there are a million things you could do as a worship leader. All of these different options of how you can spend your time pull you in a million directions. You spend a little time there and a little time here and then a little more time over there. And what happens? You just spent 8 hours working on things and you don't even know what you accomplished. You tried to accomplish a million different things instead of the ONE big thing that you actually NEEDED to accomplish.

Knowing what your responsibility is as a worship leader helps you use your time wisely.

2 | You feel unsuccessful

Have you ever finished leading worship and just felt unsuccessful? You thought you did everything you needed to do but at the end of it all you just felt empty. You felt like more could have happened. Well, part of the problem might have been that you never had a goal in mind. If you don't identify what it means to fulfill your responsibilities, you'll never have a concrete way to measure what success looks like. Multiply that by 52 Sundays in a year and what happens? It's like trying to hammer in a nail with a blindfold on. You might hit the target sometimes but you don't really know where you're aiming.

3 | You feel successful... but you really aren't

If you don't know what you're supposed to be doing, you only FEEL successful but you aren't. You aren't accomplishing what your real responsibilities are. Don't spend your time trying to fulfill responsibilities that aren't yours in the first place!

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