3 Things To Do During The Worship Ministry "Summer Slump"

3 Things To Do During The Worship Ministry "Summer Slump"

Now that we are finally officially into the summer season, maybe you've noticed some effects. People are away on vacation so attendance is lower. Your normal church programming may be taking a break. There's not as much that you need to regularly plan for and so it feels like you've got a lot of time (or maybe not a lot but slightly more than you've previously had).

Welcome to the summer slump. It's not a bad thing. It's just a REAL thing. Things slow down in the summer season and that's okay. The real question is: what should you be doing?

Here are 3 things to do during the worship ministry summer slump:

1 | Review

This season is the perfect time to reflect on what happened this past year. Evaluate it and, first, see if there's anything to celebrate! What good things happened since last summer that you can personally celebrate and publicly celebrate with your team?

Then, ask: what can we do better for next year? When the school season starts again and your regular extra gatherings resume, how can you improve them? These starting points are the perfect time to introduce something new. Then, you can test that new thing for a while and see how it works. If you are always afraid to try something new and always do things the same way, you'll never get better.

2 | Plan for the future

Summer is a great time to get your calendar in order. Between Christmas and Easter it can be difficult to think more than a month out but summer is the time you can create a general plan for your entire year.

The truth is: what gets put on the calendar gets done... if it's not on there and it's just a thought in your head, it might happen. But chances are, you'll probably get busy with other things and forget about it.

Look at your calendar - tentatively schedule dates and times for important events (worship team gatherings, worship nights, planning meetings, songwriting sessions, etc.).

3 | REST!

What if you embraced the fact that not every season has to be a busy season? You can still be doing your job even if you aren't overwhelmed with a million responsibilities. Take this season to rest!

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