3 Things Worship Leaders Need To Commit To

3 Things Worship Leaders Need To Commit To

What are you committed to?

Commitments are things you do even when you don't feel like doing them. They are decisions you make in advance that guide you when you don't know what to do. When you make commitments in moments of clarity, it let's you know what to do in moments of unclarity.

That can be particularly helpful when it comes to leading worship. There are a ton of different things you could be doing. But, when you focus on your commitments, you don't get distracted and you accomplish your highest priorities.

Here are 3 things worship leaders need to commit to:

1 | Studying the Bible

If you aren't steeped in the Word of God, you won't speak the Word of God. The single biggest tip for knowing what to say while leading worship is regularly spending time in God's word. The more you know it, the more confidently you can speak it.

God's Word should fuel your worship ministry. It let's you know what truth you should be speaking, singing, and praying.

2 | Prayer

Prayer is one of those things that if you aren't focused on, it can be easy for it to fall between the cracks. What if, instead of a filler, you made prayer the bedrock of every action?

It starts with a commitment to praying. Not just when you feel like it. Not just "when you remember." But, actually writing down and dedicating specific time for prayer. Commitments are things you do even when you don't feel like it.

3 | Practice

You can play G, C, D, and Em for those songs on Sunday, right? Is there really a need to practice? Yes!

Worship leaders often complain about how modern worship songs are too simplistic and subsequently boring to play. But, the truth is that boredom often comes from a lack of practice. Sure, when you look up the chord sheet to a song it's got the basic chord structure on it. That's a great place to start. But once you start practicing more and learning more you can take it beyond the basic chord structure.

Boredom = defeated!

Plus... all that stuff about playing with excellence.

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