3 Ways To Get Your Worship Team To Take Their Role Seriously

3 Ways To Get Your Worship Team To Take Their Role Seriously

Here are 3 ways to get your worship team to take their role seriously:

1 | It starts with YOU taking their role seriously

It all begins with you recognizing the importance of their role. If you don't acknowledge that what your team does is important, they will never acknowledge it either. Think about where you'd be if you had to do everything yourself. You can't play every instrument at the same time - every team member plays their role.

It's not enough to just think about the importance of their role - you also have to treat their role like it's important. That means giving them plenty of time to prepare and giving them the appropriate resources to help them succeed. If you're only telling them what songs you're playing on Sunday the night before, you are communicating that their role isn't very important.

2 | Communicate the privilege they have

It's not the task but the reason behind the task that motivates people. Let your team know the difference that they're making. It's one thing to prepare to play a song on Sunday. If your team member fails at that, the song won't sound as good as it could have and at the very worst they think they're letting the rest of the band down.

But, when you communicate the real privilege they have - leading people into a growing relationship with Jesus - things change. There is a lot more at stake than simply playing the right notes and singing the right words. Let your team know the privilege they have when they lead worship.

3 | Give them more responsibility

Don't just give them things to do, give them responsibility! If you give people small tasks, they won't own it or take it seriously. But, when you invite them into the actually responsibility of leading people in worship, they will take ownership. Have your team help you pick songs, give song suggestions, arrange songs, plan an entire service! These are all great ways to get your team to own what they do. Start by giving them one more piece of responsibility and, once they've proven they can handle that, keep giving them more!

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