3 Ways To Thank Your Worship Team

3 Ways To Thank Your Worship Team

Thanks is one of the currencies you can use to "pay" your volunteers (along with valuing their time and reminding them of their purpose). However, when a busy season hits (like Christmas), it's easy to forget to thank your team. They put in a lot of hard work and energy to make things happen. You couldn't do what you do without them - so let them know you're thankful!

Here are 3 ways to thank your worship team:

1 | Say it

The first and most obvious way to thank your team is to tell them. Take a moment at your next worship rehearsal to tell your team that you're thankful for them. Let them know you appreciate the hard work that they do. Let them know that the effort they put in isn't being unnoticed!

2 | Show it

Don't just say that you're thankful; show that you're thankful! You can't just tell your team that you're thankful for them without having actions that back that thankfulness up.

What are some of these actions that show you're thankful? Starting and ending rehearsals on time, having a plan for rehearsals, making sure your team is well equipped, and letting your team know what songs they'll be leading well in advance! These actions all show that you value your team and that you're thankful for what they do.

3 | Live it

Lastly, this thankfulness shouldn't just be a once or twice a year kind of thing. It's easy to thank people at Thanksgiving and Christmas or when your team has a big event they spent a lot of time preparing for. But consider what it means to "lead your team thankfully." That's best accomplished by asking one simple question before you do anything: "How can I do this thing in a way that shows my team I'm thankful for them?" If you filter every action through that question, you'll consistently lead your team well. You'll give them ample time to prepare. You'll give them grace when they need it. You'll make sure the time they spend is valuable. Don't just say and show you're thankful periodically - incorporate it into how you lead your team!

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