3 Websites for Discovering New Worship Songs

Discover new worship songs

Here are 3 helpful websites for discovering new songs:

1 | CCLI

Let's start with the obvious. CCLI isn't just a place where you go to get a license for your church. It's got some serious information on it! While every church has a unique voice, it's still helpful to see what's working in other churches. Enter: CCLI top 100. This list is a great way to discover new songs. Chances are if a song is working in thousands of other churches it might work well in your church too!

In addition, you can search their catalog of songs by themes which is amazing if you want to find a song that matches up with your pastor's message.

2 | Worship Together

Worship together has some amazing free worship leading resources. The site primarily houses chord charts and song stories from @passionmusic, @hillsong, and @jesusculture. You can sort songs by recommended keys, themes, and tempos. All of which are helpful when planning a set.

3 | Essential Worship

Essential worship has worship resources related to @elevationworship, @verticalworship, @ironbellmusic, and @thebelongingco. Once again, you can sort songs by theme, tempo, and key which is super helpful when planning a set. It's a great website to follow to find new worship songs.

How do you typically discover new worship songs? Let us know in the comments!

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