Get Out of the Entertainment Business and Get Back Into the Worship Leading Business

Worship leaders get out of entertainment get back into worship leading

Over my years of being a worship leader, I've found one thing to always be true: worship always beats entertainment.

Any time that I've planned something that I thought would be spectacular at the cost of truly leading people in worship it has ALWAYS fallen flat. "Let's do this song that's high energy and sounds amazing but not a congregational worship song." FAIL. "I'm gonna nail this guitar solo." FAIL. "Hit that falsetto note?" Why did I even think that was a good idea? (I must have been listening to too much John Mark McMillan at that point in my life.)

Worship always beats entertainment. Here's why: there's nothing that captivates people better than the glory of God.

When you plan your worship gatherings, yes - seek to incorporate creativity. Aim to tell the story of God in the most interesting way you can. But never allow entertainment to usurp true worship.

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