How To Get Your Congregation To Engage In Worship

How To Get Your Congregation To Engage In Worship

Jake from Churchfront and I just put out another Q&A podcast session where we answered some more of YOUR questions! Check it out by heading to or searching for the Churchfront Worship Leader Podcast on iTunes.

During the podcast we discuss these 4 questions:

1 | How important is it to put your songs in a singable key?

Jake and I discuss the importance of putting your songs in a singable key. Learn the benefits of doing it and the process you need to follow to make sure that your congregation can sing along with you!

2 | How can you get the congregation to engage more and not just see worship as entertainment to be consumed?

Congregational engagement is something we all strive for in our worship ministry. We know that worship in the church isn't meant to be consumed - it's meant to be a participatory event. Learn some practical ways you can effectively communicate that understanding to your church.

3 | How should you manage a large song library? And when is it time to remove a song?

As you lead worship, over time your repertoire grows. It's important to manage it well so that you can find the songs you need quickly. Jake and I discuss how to tag your songs and keep them organized. We also cover how to know when it's time to remove a song from the list.

4 | How do you get started with a click and tracks?

Finally, Jake walks us through how to set up a click and tracks for your worship team. We also talk about some ways you can prepare your band in advance to be more comfortable with a click before you actually implement using one.

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