How to Grow Your Worship Team - Provide Structure for Growth

How to grow your worship team

When it comes to building your team, the truth is: your team will only grow as large as your current system allows.

If your system is not set up to handle 15 people, you may hit that number but you will quickly shrink back to what your current system can handle.

If you want your team to grow, you've got to be ready for the growth.

Here are 3 steps you can take to provide the structure for growth:

1 | Identify where you're at

First, you've got to identify where you're currently at. How many people are on your team? How many people can the system you have in place effectively handle? If you're by yourself, you operate differently than if you have 5 people on your team. Identify what your current system looks like then move onto the next step.

2 | Identify the Next Level

Where do you want to go next? You need to take small steps if you want to grow sustainably. Now that you've identified where you're currently at - ask yourself the question: what's next?

If you're the only one leading worship, what would your process look like for having 5 people leading with you? If you've got 5 people on your team, what would having 10 people look like?

This might mean adding auditions, using planning center, or setting up a mentoring system for new members. Imagine the future and implement the system that you would need before you hit the cap of your current structure.

3 | Review

Finally, rinse and repeat. As more people join your team, you'll need to reevaluate what your system looks like. Return to step one and repeat the steps.

How many people are currently on your worship team? Let us know in the comments!

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