How to Lead Worship When You're Not on Stage

Leading worship when you're not on stage

Have you ever met a person that seems like they walked into the phone booth right before they stepped on stage and quickly changed into the "worship leader" version of themselves? (ala superman)

Don't be that person. You can be a worship leader on and off the stage.

Here's how:

1 | Focus on your character

As they say "character is who you are when no one is looking." Even when you're "off the stage," you're on display because people are watching how you act. You can take it one step further and seek to be a worship leader when you're by yourself.

Who is there to lead when you're the only one in the room? YOU! How are you leading yourself in worship. Focus on your character. 

2 | Look for ways to lead people in non-musical worship

What's that look like? It's all about getting them to recognize their gifts.

How has God uniquely gifted them to glorify Him? The greatest joy in ministry is helping people step confidently into their God given calling. This is their sweet spot where they excel because God has created them specifically for it. A perfect way to be a worship leader is to connect people with areas where they can worship God by using the gift he has given them.

Are they good at technology? Get them on the tech team. Can they paint? Get them on the creative team. Are they caring? Sign them up for the care team. Leading people in worship is more than leading people in singing. 

3 | Be yourself on stage

Do you ever find yourself using "churchy" words when you're on stage? Phrases that you wouldn't normally use but they just come out? When you're on stage leading people focus on speaking like you normally would.

You can be a worship leader on and off stage!

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