How to Prepare to Lead Worship - Run Through Your Set

How to prepare to lead worship

When people start leading worship, they often just see their set list as separate songs. Different segments that they're in charge of leading. This affects the way that you prepare for worship.

The most powerful way you can prepare is to run through your set understanding that the songs were meant to work together. Next time you prepare to lead worship, run through your set in order just like you would if you were actually leading worship.

This gives you the opportunity to do 3 things:

1 | Gauge the Flow

As you run through the songs, you'll gain understanding of what it's going to feel like when you actually lead. Where will the energy pick up? Where will you back off and allow people to reflect? These are things that you can feel as you lead through your set list. So stop guessing what the flow of your worship leading will be and start practicing the flow.

2 | Practice Transitions

You'll have the opportunity to do two things.

1 | You'll iron out where you need transitions

As you understand the flow of the set, you'll identify spots where transitions work and spots where you won't need them.

2 | It gives you a chance to practice how you're going to transition

What chords are you going to use to get between the first and second song? What connections will you make between the third and fourth song? Running through the set in advance means you won't be making up answers to these question in the moment.

3 | Add Additional Elements

Running through your set allows you to identify additional elements you can add during your worship leading. As you run through the set, you'll start to notice where you have space to add things. Maybe you want to put a piece of scripture on screen to reflect on. Maybe you want to tag a piece of a song onto the ending of another. Maybe you want to lead people in a specific time of prayer. Running through your set in advance allows you to not just lead songs but focus on leading worship.

How do you prepare to lead worship? Let us know in the comments!

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