How to Train New Worship Team Members - the Buddy System

Train worship team members - the buddy system

The buddy system is one of the best ways to incorporate a new member into your worship team.

How does it work? A seasoned veteran and a new member pair up. The person who has been on the team for a while shows the new person the ropes. They explain how things work, when to be at practice, and serve as someone the new member can ask questions to.

It works best when two people who fill the same roll are paired up - two bass players, two singers, etc. But this system works even if your team is too small to be doubled up on rolls. Just pair them up with someone who can guide them.

The buddy system is a great way to lead new team members because:

1 | It slowly assimilates them

The buddy system is a process. It takes time. It's not telling someone to come to practice one week and then having them lead with you on Sunday. This system allows the slow assimilation of the new team member over time. Through the process they will learn the intricacies of your team, practical things they need to know, and the general culture. All of this happens through their relationship with their "buddy."

2 | It doesn't leave them to figure it out on their own

This system works because the person receives the necessary info they need to succeed. They aren't left to figure it out on their own but, instead, they're put into a relationship with someone who can answer any questions they have.

3 | Builds leaders

Perhaps the best part of this system is not even the effect on the new team members - it's the effect it has on the people who are already on the team. This system helps build leaders on your team. It increases their responsibility - they're responsible for more than just themselves. Not only that but this process is cyclical: your team members train one person, who in turn trains someone else, and so on.

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