Saturday Challenge - Worship Through Your Set List

Saturday Challenge - Worship Through Your Set List

I challenge you to worship through your set list before you lead worship tomorrow.

Most worship leaders PLAY through their set list to prepare to lead worship. They work on memorizing lyrics, learning chords and the parts they need to play, and figure out how to musically transition from one song to another. However, if you want to lead worship well, you can take that process one step further. Instead of just PLAYING through your set list, WORSHIP through your set list.

Worshiping through your set list happens after you've already put in all the work to learn the songs musically. You know the chords - you know the lyrics - you can musically do what you need to do. The next step is to run through your set just like you would on a Sunday morning. Don't stop between songs. You shouldn't have to focus on what chords to play. Use the set as a time of personal worship. Go on the journey before you lead your congregation on the journey!

Before you lead tomorrow, WORSHIP through your set list.

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