Saturday Challenge - Write Your Prayer Out In Advance

Saturday Challenge - Write Your Prayer Out In Advance

I challenge you to write a prayer out in advance before you lead worship tomorrow.

I know... it sounds super unspiritual, right?

"I don't need to write my prayer out. That's not very authentic."

The thing is, when you write your prayer out in advance, you take it more seriously and have more time to consider WHAT you should be praying for. If we really think prayer is that important, shouldn't we be focusing more time on it than just a spontaneous prayer that we didn't prepare for?

Keep in mind: the goal of writing your prayer out is not to have a script that you need to memorize. Writing it out just helps you formulate your thoughts. After you have it written down, identify the 2 or 3 main points you want to pray for and, when you pray on Sunday, allow them to come out naturally.

Before you lead tomorrow, identify a spot in your service where you can pray and write that prayer out in advance.

If you want a little more context around how to pray while leading worship, this week's video on the Leading Worship Well YouTube channel covers that topic. It's called "How To Pray During Worship | 3 Tips For Praying While Leading Worship." In the video, you'll learn 3 tips for being able to pray more confidently in public!

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