Small Steps Over Time = Big Progress

Small steps equals big progress

If you listen to any story of someone who you consider successful in ministry, you'll notice a common thread between their journeys: they were faithful in the small things over a long period of time.

When it comes to progress in really any area of life, it happens gradually over time. It's rare that one event substantially catapults you forward. Rather, the progress comes from taking small steps forward repeatedly. 

Here are 7 small steps you can take repeatedly that - over time - will result in big progress:

1 | Be prepared

Preparation is a grind. Most of the time it's easier to just wing it. But prepared leaders are good leaders. Put in the extra work when it comes to preparing songs, having a plan for practice, and developing your team.

2 | Personal faith

Discipline in your private faith is the key to longevity. What happens in your private life often overflows into your public life - for better or for worse.

3 | Treat your teams well

Gratitude, building relationships, and honoring your team are things that don't happen in a solitary event. Take a small step frequently to encourage your team.

4 | Prayer

Prayer changes things and more importantly it changes it YOU. That daily act transforms you into who God wants you to be and aligns your will with his.

5 | Leading to the best of your ability

Give it your all in everything that you do. As you do that your skill will gradually increase and your definition of "best" will grow.

6 | Commitment to getting better

Listen to a podcast. Follow me on Instagram (@leadingworshipwell). Watch youtube videos. Become a student of worship leading.

7 | Build other leaders

Who is going to replace you? The process of raising up other leaders is the only way to ensure that your ministry doesn't end with you. Constantly pour into other people and give them the responsibility of leading.

What small step would you add to the list? Let us know in the comments!

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