Worship Leaders, What Your Job Is

Worship leader responsibilities

A few days ago, we talked about 3 things that aren't your job when you lead worship. It turns out that God is the one who is actually responsible for a lot of things during your time of worship. However, at the same time, God has chosen to use you as a way to fulfill his plans.

As Carey Nieuwhof puts it, "God's in control but you have a role."

So, what are your responsibilities when you lead worship?

Here are 3 things that ARE your responsibility when leading worship:

1 | Lead songs

You are leading people in MUSICAL worship. That means, at the end of the day, you are the "song leader." You are to be leading people in song. In order to fulfill that responsibility, you need to be singing songs that people can sing along with (they're not too complex), understand (clarity trumps artistry), and are in an appropriate key. These 3 things allow people to fully engage intellectually and physical (we'll let God deal with the spiritual side).

The problem is that most people reduce the role of worship leader down to this single point. There are a few more key responsibilities.

2 | Provide the opportunity to respond

You're not just the song leader; you are pastoring the moment. You are giving people the opportunity to respond to God. That can't happen if you're just running from one song to the next.

Be intentional about creating space that allows people to respond. Plan moments in your worship set that lead people through the process of responding to God.

3 | Seek direction from God

Your aim should be to accomplish what God wants to accomplish during your time of worship. The only way to figure that out is to spend time in conversation with God. Ask him what he wants you to highlight.

You can also ask your pastor who is probably seeking the same direction from God. Use these answers to plan the songs you lead and create moments for people to respond.

What other responsibilities would you add to this list? Let us know in the comments!

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