3 Benefits Of Listening To Recordings With Your Worship Team

3 benefits of listening to recordings of your worship team

One of the most beneficial things a worship team can do to improve their musicality is listen to recordings of themselves.

Take 15 minutes during a rehearsal one night and record a song (you can take a line out from your sound board or just use someone's phone). Then, immediately sit down with your team and listen to the recording.

Ask them to be prepared to answer these two questions: What did we do well? What could be better?

Here are 3 reasons listening to recordings of your worship team with them is beneficial:

1 | THEY point out where they can improve

The best part of this whole exercise is that you don't have to be the bad guy (or girl)!

When your team members listen to the recording, they will instinctually listen to their part and evaluate it. At the end, when you ask the question "What could be better?" most of your team will turn to self evaluation. "I was dragging a bit." "My vocals were a bit flat." "I hit the wrong chord in the bridge." Let your team evaluate themselves!

2 | It gives YOU an opportunity to point out where they can improve

On the off chance that a specific member missed an area where they could improve, this is the perfect time to let them know. You've already prepped your team to be in evaluation mode so they're ready to receive a critique. Once the recording ends, let other people give their insight first. Then, if there is something additional you feel needs improvement, work it into the conversation. People are much happier to receive critiques when they are prepared for them.

3 | It gives YOU an opportunity to tell them where they're doing well

Don't just tell your team how they can get better (aka where they messed up). Also be sure to encourage them. This is the perfect time to let your team know where they're succeeding. Let them know that they hit the break perfectly. Let your vocalist know she nailed the harmony in the second verse! Encourage your team!

How often does your worship team listen to recordings of themselves? Let us know in the comments!

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