3 Steps To Lead Into Someone's Story

3 Steps To Lead Into Someone's Story

One of the most powerful things you can do for the people of your church while you lead worship is to lead into their story.

You see, too often, worship leaders come into a Sunday morning focused on everything THEY have planned. You've picked out a bunch of songs that you think are going to be awesome. You've got the transitions all figured out. You've got the perfect people leading each song. And you've even prepared more than you usually do.

There's only one thing missing...

You forget that you aren't just leading worship - you're leading PEOPLE in worship. It's only when you identify that truth that you can plan with the people you're leading in mind and start to lead into their story.

Here are 3 steps to lead into someone's story:

1 | Learn someone's story

If you want to lead into someone's story, you have to actually know what's going on in their lives. So get to know the people of your church. Go out into the lobby (or welcome center, or whatever you call it at your church) and talk to people. Maybe even get to know them outside of a Sunday morning gathering.

2 | Prepare the moment

After you learn the stories of the people of your church, prepare a moment where you can specifically lead into that story. Ask yourself: knowing what I know now, what truth about God do the people of my church need to respond to the most? What you'll find as you learn people's stories is that there is often commonality between them.

The key is to not lead SO specifically into someone's story that it doesn't apply to anyone else. You don't want to say "For those of us here who were in a relationship for 3 years and 2 months and it suddenly ended - let's sing this out!" But, that person probably needs to respond to God's faithfulness. So you could highlight the truth that while everything else in the world changes, God is constant.

3 | Step into the moment confidently

If you're like every other worship leader, doubt will start to creep into these moments you've planned. "Should I really say this?" "What if it doesn't come across right?"

Worship leader, you have the privilege and responsibility to speak truth into people's lives - do it confidently!

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