5 Intermediate Tips For Worship Leaders (Video)

5 Intermediate Tips For Worship Leaders (Video)

Looking for some in-depth worship leading tips? There's only so much I can post on Instagram (I'm looking at you 2200 character limit!).

Well, over on the Leading Worship Well YouTube channel, I just released a video called "5 Intermediate Tips For Leading Worship."

In the video, I share 5 of my top tips for worship leaders! These tips go beyond the simple (albeit fundamental and necessary) recommendations of preparing and praying before you lead worship.

In the video, you'll learn:

1 | How asking the question: "What would happen if...?" can improve your worship leading

2 | How to be a student of worship leading

3 | The importance of serving your church more than you serve yourself

4 | Why you need to get to know the people you're leading

5 | How to improve your worship leading by listening to recordings of yourself

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