3 Unpopular Opinions About Worship Set Lists

3 Unpopular Opinions About Worship Set Lists

What's your most unpopular opinion about worship set lists? Let us know below!

Here are 3 unpopular opinions about worship set lists:

1️⃣ It's ok to pick songs with the same theme and put them beside each other in a set list

Often times, we feel like it's wrong to pick a bunch of similar songs for our set list. It feels like we should be covering as many topics as we can through the songs that we sing. God's faithfulness... check! God's love for us... check! The greatness of God... check! And so on...

But... what if it was actually beneficial to spend the majority of our time in a worship gathering singing and reflecting on a singular truth? What if it was ok to put songs that use similar themes and even similar lyrics beside each other because that helps people connect to the truth those songs are describing on a deeper level?

2️⃣ It's better to coordinate with your pastor than for the songs to "magically" tie in to what they preach on

I've talked about this at length before but it truly is better for your church if you and your pastor coordinate in advance. Some people are living for those moments where things "magically" line up and the message you had planned coming out the message ties in perfectly with what your pastor preached on. And the Holy Spirit is definitely at work in those moments! And those moments are amazing!...

...But you want to know the secret behind why they're amazing? They're amazing because God can use our laziness and lack of preparation and still reach the hearts of the people in our church.

So, what shall we say then? Shall we go on failing to prepare so that God's divine providence may be more evident in our lives? By no means! (Loosely borrowed from Romans 6 ;))

3️⃣ Spontaneity in worship works best when certain elements of it are planned in advance

Spontaneous worship doesn't mean that NOTHING is prepared in advance. It just means that you are open to things not going completely how you planned them. But it's still important to have a plan in the first place. You can even take it a step further and PLAN the spontaneous moments. You can leave space during songs where you allow the "Spirit to move."

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