Reclaiming Corporate Worship - How To Teach Your Church

Reclaiming Corporate Worship - How To Teach Your Church

Last week we looked at the idea of reclaiming corporate worship.

The basic idea was that corporate worship has become synonymous with having a personal worship experience in a corporate setting. We get together with other believers in the same space and try to tune them out so that we can have our own experience with God.

But, the Bible encourages us to worship TOGETHER - not just in the same room - but actively engaged with each other (see Eph 5:19).

So, how do we as worship leaders foster a better understanding of what it means to worship corporately?

Here are 3 ways to teach your church about corporate worship:

1 | Evaluate your song list

This is the best place to start because often times, without even realizing it, the songs we choose for corporate worship reinforce the idea that we are gathered to have individual, personal experiences. How is this idea reinforced? Look at the language of the songs you sang in church on Sunday. What was the primary personal pronoun in them? When we sing songs that constantly say "I, I, I" and "me, me ,me," we lose focus of "we" and "us."

That's not to say that songs that use singular personal pronouns are not applicable for corporate worship - but when they become all we sing, they teach your church that worship is about themselves.

2 | Incorporate corporate worship ideas into your regular vocabulary

You can also look at the language you are consistently using when you lead worship. Does it foster a sense of community? Or does it encourage people to isolate themselves?

There's a big difference between "Find your own space and get comfortable - these moments are about YOU and GOD." And "We are in this together - celebrating and reminding ourselves and each other of the truth that God has revealed in our lives."

3 | Lead people through "corporate worship moments"

Set up moments where people can experience and practice worshiping corporately. Instead of always leading people into 1 on 1 moments with God - have them pray for each other. Or have them sing the songs you're leading over the people around them.

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