3 Ways To Find High-Quality Worship Team Members

3 Ways To Find High-Quality Worship Team Members

Never have enough worship team members? Maybe you only have a few people on your team and the same people are leading every Sunday. Maybe you're leading worship by yourself! Most worship leaders wish they had MORE members on their worship team.

But, it isn't just about quantity. It's about quality too. And to avoid offending anyone, it's best to define high-quality and low-quality volunteers. This is not a character judgement (although character often plays a part in the process). This is simply a conversation around whether someone is a good fit for your team.

A low-quality worship team member: shows up late to rehearsal or doesn't show up at all, doesn't prepare in advance, isn't humble or teachable, causes conflict in the team, etc.

A high-quality worship team member: arrive to rehearsal early, knows all their music, is humble and open to being taught, is a unified member, etc.

So, how do you find more high-quality worship team members?

Here are 3 ways to find quality worship team members:

1 | Set the expectations high

In the pursuit of simply getting more team members, a common thing to do is to lower expectations. But, low expectations and a low barrier of entry allows low quality volunteers in. And after a while, you realize your team is worse off than when you didn't have as many people.

If you want high-quality volunteers, you have to set the expectations high (and stick to those expectations!). Setting high expectations not only steers your team towards excellence, that excellence is attractive and brings in other high-quality volunteers.

2 | Ask people!

An announcement slide will not make people join your team! In general, people don't respond to general invites. And certainly, most of the time, high-quality volunteers don't respond to general invites. If you want to find quality volunteers, it happens through the process of seeking them out and personally inviting them.

3 | Train them

What if you don't have any "quality volunteers" at your church? No one knows how to play an instrument. Or they just aren't quite ready yet. Train them! Teach them the way of excellence!

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