3 Ways To Find High-Quality Worship Team Members (Video)

3 Ways To Find High-Quality Worship Team Members (Video)

It seems like, if you could just find more people to join your worship team, it would solve your problems. Your team would sound fuller. You wouldn't have to worry about if you were going to have a full team on Sunday. And... maybe you could actually take a week off.

And so, worship leaders set out to try to add more people to their team. But, in the process of growing their team, they find themselves setting the bar lower and lower in an attempt to simply get more people. And in the end, you'll get more people on your team doing that. However, in a year or two you'll realize the problems that come from growing your team by simply lowering your expectations.

So, how do you grow your worship team without sacrificing a culture of excellence?

Well, over on the Leading Worship Well YouTube channel, I just released a video called "3 Ways To Find High-Quality Worship Team Members."

In the video, you'll learn all about how to find, not just volunteers, but high-quality volunteers for your worship team.

In the video, I walk you through:

1 | Why it's important to set high expectations

2 | The power of simply ASKING people to join your worship team

3 | How to build your worship team by training new members

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