5 Tips For A Better Start To Your Sunday Morning

5 Tips For A Better Start To Your Sunday Morning

Ever show up to church on a Sunday morning and you're just "not feeling it?" Well the good news is that God can still work even we don't feel up to the task. BUT - there are certain things that you can do to start your Sunday morning off right.

Here are 5 tips for a better start to your Sunday morning:

1 | Wake up early

Sometimes, when you're just "not feeling it," it's because you just woke up, rolled out of bed, and headed to church. When you show up, no wonder you're out of it - you only woke up 15 minutes ago!

When you wake up early, it gives you time to properly prepare physically, mentally, and spiritually to lead your church. Even waking up 15 minutes earlier than you usually do can give you a chance to implement the next tips.

2 | Read Scripture

If you want to speak truth while you lead worship, you have to know what truth is. Obviously this is something that you should be doing throughout the week but starting your morning with Scripture gets your mind thinking about truth. Then, that truth is more likely to come out as you lead your church.

3 | Pray for your church

Take a few moments to pray for the morning. Consider where God wants to lead your church. Pray for the people who show up. Pray that God would bring new people. Pray bold prayers. Ask that He'd do impossible things.

4 | Warm up

Let's be honest... how often do you really do vocal warm-ups? Usually it feels like there just isn't time. But, now that you're waking up earlier, you might actually have time to do a warm up. If you've never warmed up before, find a video on YouTube and follow along. Try it for 2 weeks and see how much it helps.

5 | Practice your transitions

There's no better feeling than being able to step into Sunday morning confidently because you have a plan. Run through your speaking and musical transitions one more time. That allows you to be focused while you lead because you aren't worried about what comes next.

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