5 Tips For Leading Your Worship Team (Video)

5 Tips For Leading Your Worship Team (Video)

It's a common story: you start leading worship at your church. You lead a song here and there. Then, you start leading more regularly. Eventually you realize that you not only have the responsibility of leading your church in worship every Sunday, you also have inherited a worship TEAM that you get to lead as well. The problem is: you weren't expecting it. Maybe you don't even feel ready or equipped to lead that team. So, how can you lead them well?

Well, over on the Leading Worship Well YouTube channel, I just released a video called "5 Tips For Leading your Worship Team."

In the video, you'll learn all about how to lead your worship team well.

In the video, I walk you through:

1 | How to build trust with your worship team

2 | The importance of giving your worship team members a week off

3 | How to build a team based around community and not just music

4 | How to not waste your worship team's time

5 | The most powerful question you can ask in your worship ministry

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