Saturday Challenge - Run Through Your Worship Set List

Saturday Challenge - Run Through Your Worship Set List

I challenge you to run through your worship set list today.

After you've led worship for a while, it's easy to think to yourself, "You know what? I've been doing this for long enough. I know what I'm doing. I know how to play the songs. I've done this a million times." And so you stop running through your set list. You use the fundamentals that you've built over the past 5 or 10 years to "wing it."

But the thing is, running through your set list isn't just about learning the musical aspect of leading worship. That's just the beginning. Worship leaders who lead worship well take it a step further and don't just RUN THROUGH their worship set list, they WORSHIP THROUGH their set list.

Musicians practice music. Worship leaders practice leading worship.

Before you lead tomorrow, worship through your set list.

If you want a little more context around why you should be running through your worship set list before you lead on Sunday, this week's video on the Leading Worship Well YouTube channel covers that topic. It's called "3 Reasons You NEED To Run Through Your Worship Set List." Go watch the video so you're prepared to lead tomorrow morning!

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