3 Reasons You Need To Run Through Your Worship Set List (Video)

3 Reasons You Need To Run Through Your Worship Set List (Video)

When you first start leading worship, you typically put in tons of work in advance preparing to lead. You've got songs to learn (which takes forever especially when you're new to an instrument). You're nervous about being in front of people so you prepare even more. And so on... and so forth... until you finally feel at least a little bit ready to lead on Sunday.

Fast forward a few years and, now that you've been leading worship for 5 years, you realize - "I kind of know what I'm doing at this point." And so you let your foot off the proverbial gas and start to coast. You use the fundamentals that you've built over the past 5 years and you "wing it." You don't run through your songs any more because you already know how to play them.

Well, over on the Leading Worship Well YouTube channel, I just released a video called "3 Reasons You Should Run Through Your Worship Set List."

In the video, you'll learn all about why you should be running through your worship set list every single week before you lead worship on Sunday - whether you've been leading worship for 3 months or 13 years.

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