3 Ways To Create A Worship Team People Actually Want To Join

3 Ways To Create A Worship Team People Actually Want To Join

How's your worship team? Is it a team people actually want to join? Or every time you ask, do people seem to come up with an excuse why they can't be a part of it?

Most worship leaders are in pursuit of more worship team members. They'd love to grow their team. And one of the best ways to make that happen is to have a team that people actually want to join! How do you do it?

Here are 3 ways to create a worship team people actually want to join:

1 | Pursue excellence

The truth is, people will not want to join your team if you do not pursue excellence. People want to be a part of something that's thriving and growing. Your team doesn't have to be the BEST musically but they should be aiming at improving. If your team fumbles through songs on Sunday while staring blankly at their music stands, why would anyone want to join you?

In the same vein, it seems like lowering expectations for people who want to join the team would make it more accessible for people to join. And while that might work in the short-term to add people to your team, you're left with a team that still isn't worth joining. Set the expectations high and pursue excellence.

2 | Make it about more than music

If you want people to join your team, it has to actually be a team - not just a band. It has to be about more than music. Not everyone is looking for a band to join but most people in your church are looking for a team to serve with. So make it about more than music. Constantly communicate the truth behind what you're doing. Foster community through spending intentional time together.

3 | Extend the invitation

Sometimes people want to join your team, but they're waiting to be asked. They think your team is a closed group... or you have enough people on your team already... or you don't actually want them. So, let people know that there is always a spot on the team available for them (provided they meet the expectations you've set in #1). Take it beyond a general invite and ask someone specifically if they want to join.

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