Small Church Sound System And Lighting Tour (Video)

Small Church Sound System And Lighting Tour (Video)

Ever feel discouraged when you type in "church sound system" or "church lighting system" on YouTube? You want to see what other people recommend but it seems like everyone's idea of "budget friendly" is not so budget friendly to YOUR church.

Well, over on the Leading Worship Well YouTube channel, I just released a video called "Small Church Sound System And Lighting Tour."

In the video, you'll see all the sound and lighting gear that my small church (75-100 people - I'm just like you!) uses every single week.

WARNING: This is not a "super impressive set up." It is not "epic." It is not even necessarily "what you should buy for your church." It is simply a REALISTIC example of what small churches all over the world are using to make their worship gatherings happen.

In fact, I'm not even trying to convince you to buy this stuff! Honestly - you COULDN'T even buy some of it if you wanted to because we got it 10 years ago and it's discontinued now.

So, what's the purpose of the video? Even though it's a sound and lighting tour - it's not really about sound and lighting gear. If you've been part of the Leading Worship Well community for a little while, you know that I am not gear focused. I rarely talk about it. And I honestly don't really care about it.

Too often, gear has become an excuse for "why you can't do something." Examples:

"I don't have in-ears so my band will never be able to play at a consistent tempo - why even try."

"We don't have a confidence monitor. I guess we're stuck with keeping music stands on stage and staring at them for the duration of the worship service."

So, the purpose of the video is to encourage you to USE WHAT YOU HAVE! Gear definitely has it's place. I'm not anti-gear. I'm not mad at people who recommend gear - I think what they do is very helpful. I'm just simply uninterested in it. You need it to accomplish certain things. But all too often, we'd rather buy new gear than learn how to use what we already have.

The video is out right now! Head over to the Leading Worship Well YouTube channel to check it out. See you over there!

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